The quickest creature on land, a cheetah may run up to 96 km/h (60 mph). They live across the majority of the African continent, some southern part of Asian countries and also in the Middle East. Unfortunately, none in my hometown, Bellingham, Washington!

The cheetah is very easily recognized from all other cats, not just by the unique marks, but also by its rangy and loose build, high-set eyes, small head, and flattened, small ears.

Here are a Few Exciting Facts About Cheetahs.


Cheetahs are the quickest of almost all the land mammals.


Cheetahs are in reality able of producing excellent bursts of speed, getting from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than three seconds.


Most often regarded the smallest of all the big cats, Cheetahs are unique because they can only purr and never roar such as the other great cats.


An additional distinctive feature of the Cheetah is the presence of the semi-retractable paws which let them sustain their grip on the earth in pursuit of high speed.


Cheetahs also provide distinct marks on their cheeks, similar to ‘tears,’ which represent sunlight and also help the cat to see long distances in the course of a chase.


Basically, they are born with the purpose of killing. Cheetahs have long structured bodies and a tail like a rudder, which supports the cat throughout any chase.


However, some other adaptations can be found which have allowed the Cheetah to develop into a great predator. These consist of big lungs, heart and wide nostrils. These help the cat during a particularly stress-filled charge.


Because of the substantial effort with which the Cheetahs put into hunting, they tire very easily. Their body temperature reaches high levels after their sprint, and they need to rest afterwards. This is the time that cheetahs are susceptible to opportunistic predators.



Because of the levels of competition, cheetahs hunt throughout the day rather than nighttime, and eat immediately after killing the prey.



Cheetahs usually prey upon impalas, springboks, and gazelles by taking a bite at the throat to destroy the windpipe of the victim. Having a success level of almost 50%, Cheetahs are among the most diligent of all the hunting cats.