Planning to take home a cheetah as your new pet, there are things you should consider. Compared to dogs that you can have them as long as you have a budget or someone gave it to you as a gift companion, there are regions and countries that do not allow you to have cheetah as your pet.

Here are the few reminders if you really want to take home cheetah, you’ll thank as later!

  1. Prepare your budget

Taking care of a cheetah will require you to prepare your budget as it needs to be checked by a veterinarian to keep it healthy. It’s the same as you need to see your Acupuncturist to keep healthy. Plus, you need to feed them at least 15lbs of raw meat daily to maintain its good health and to be strong as well.

  1. Consult the local and state laws

There are states or region that prohibits anyone in the community to own a cheetah as their pet as it might bring anyone in the society in danger. You need to acquire a license or permission from them, or else you will just waste your money when the authorities find it out.

  1. Give them living quarters

Cheetahs are not supposed to be caged nor place over a minimal place, it will drive them to be tough and feeling alone so every time you come near them they’ll show you anger. It’s strongly advised to provide them their own space, and when we say space, it must be ample size to roam around and be content.

Cheetahs were often preferred by rich and high profile people to be their companion like the American celebrities Josephine Baker and Phyllis Gordon. They travel the world with their cheetahs. There are also residents in United Arab Emirates who chose to keep cheetahs as their pet, at some point, Cheetahs help them in hunting in Africa.