Cheetah Park

The biggest cheetah fan in the world!

Cheetah Visitor, Dirty Carpets

As an employee of the local zoo, I gain a lot of spectacular benefits…


That is our newest resident to the zoo, a cheetah cub! Her name is Sally.


It is so difficult to take care of a cheetah cub; the survival rate is so low. We have transported her from Africa and I have her in my home today. I’ll be bringing her to the zoo tomorrow.

If you’re interested in knowing more about caring for cheetahs:

Here’s some information from Pet Helpful.

Here’s a useful forum within Reddit.


After Sally leaves the house, I’ll need to do a big carpet cleaning job. I’ve already booked an appointment with for a THOROUGH cleaning tomorrow. These cubs shed an unbelievable amount of hair!

Here’s another photo – source of the dirty carpets:


Biggest Cheetah Fan!

I grew up with Cheetahs in Africa!

Ever since a child, growing up in Africa, I’ve been the biggest Cheetah fan. I plan to visit later this year, and see them again.

Right now, I’m planning my “safari” back home.

Here’s a photo of my mom back home. She is a natural with the Cheetahs and she is a professional photographer, too!


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